Manesta is the name of a creative artist lady of Switzerland

Manesta's life as an artist began in 1982. She studied drawing, form and colors with an emphasis on the human body at the Academy « La Maison Rouge », in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

It was Joe Boehler, internationally known artist, who introduced her to miscellaneous creative techniques and expressive painting only three years later.
From then on Manesta went her own way, developing her individual style as a painter working with oil, acrylics and inks.

It was during her prolonged stay in the States that she discovered new materials. Initially she created low reliefs but quickly included sculpting, concentrating on the human body. Her major quest was and still is to find in her works the right balance between movement and expression.

Since 2003 Manesta works as a full time artist. She gives classes in drawing (Betty Edwards method), painting and sculpting. She teaches adults and children and prepares future art students for art school entry exams.

As a home designer she creates large wall paintings and interior decorations in various styles and materials.